International Shotokan Karate Federation of Colorado Springs
Promotion and Minimum Testing Requirements:

Testing is currently held in Colorado Springs by Sensei Yaguchi every three months. The date and times of testing will be announced in class and posted on the web site.

  1. All students must have Sensei’s Permission.
  2. Students must attend class regularly for at least three months before testing. (75% of classes is a guideline)
  3. Students must know every kata up to and including their personal kata.
  4. Testing includes kata, basics and sparring. Students should show growth in all three areas; basics, kata and sparring. Sensei will make final determination as to readiness to test. As you get into the higher belts a greater proficiency is expected, and you may require more time between tests. Although it is common to test every three months when beginning, it is common to wait 6 months to a year between testing once reaching the brown belt level. You must train regularly for at least one year as 1st KYU before testing for your Shodan. To test for shodan you must know all of the brown belt katas.
  5. Students must be up to date with ISKF annual dues to test.