International Shotokan Karate Federation of Colorado Springs
Shotokan Karate Class Description:

Martial arts as a form of self defense, philosophy and physical conditioning with an emphasis on reflex development, timing, eye-hand coordination, balance and a sense of well being. Instruction will be in the Shotokan style. Basic skills, forms and sparring drills will be stressed equally to offer students balanced training. Benefits of karate include strength, flexibility, self-confidence, concentration, self-awareness, improved physical fitness, and more. To join the ISKF make payment of annual dues in the amount of $40.00.

The training of martial arts is demanding, but equally rewarding. Keep in mind it is your responsibility as a karateka to develop yourself in a positive manner, physically, mentally and spiritually. Give your best effort each day in class, practice your karate at least fifteen minutes each day at home, and set personal goals to help you to make changes in your karate and grow as a person and a karateka. The instructor can show you the path, but ultimately you must walk the road. You have responsibilities as a student, and I hope this information will help you to understand your responsibilities, and excel in your endeavors.

  • Arrive to class on time, mentally and physically ready to perform
  • Attend class on a regular basis
  • Participate enthusiastically in class, do the very best you can
  • Be quiet and attentive in class
  • Show respect for instructors and fellow karateka at all times inside and outside of the dojo
  • Always show respect for your parents
  • Practice you karate at home at least fifteen minutes each day
  • Take pride in your appearance, uniforms should be kept in good repair
  • Remember the dojo kun in and out of the classroom
  • Follow the dojo rules